Bob E

How do you know if you're out of control?

Sometimes I think all of the things mold into one huge thing, so I’m happy but I’m sad, and I’m horny, hungry and afraid of people, and I want to be outside but I want to stay in. and I want to watch grease but I have work in the morning, there is just no time.

Play time is Ogre.


FACT OF THE DAY:  you can do it



awh there’s a ladybug on my screen

wait wait wait whoaa wait..

Ogres are not like cakes, Ogres are like Jackhammers when it comes to pussy!

Playing Dynasty warriors 8 on Ps4. Luckily so far there has been no mention of Lu bu. but I feel like its soon.

When did 1am become a late night? What the fuck is this bullshit?